About the Armor Shell

The Armor Shell is a mesh shell with pockets for shoulder, elbow, back, and hip armor. Having it separate from the jacket allows for the design of the jacket to be independent of the shell and for easy removal of the armor.

Design Independence

Armor needs to fit close to the rider’s body to protect upon impact. This dictates a cut that conforms to the shape of the body. With the Armor Shell separate from the jacket, the options for the cut of the jacket broaden. In addition, the rider has the option to layer underneath or over the Armor Shell, depending on which is most comfortable.

Easy Removal

There are times when a rider needs a jacket, but doesn’t need armor. Bringing an extra jacket can be a hassle and wearing a riding jacket with armor is cumbersome. A commuter who has ridden to work may need a jacket when she goes out to lunch, a meeting, or run an errand. A traveler who has ridden to her destination may need a jacket while enjoying her destination. The Armor Shell is easily detached from the jacket and removed. One can also wear it with multiple jackets, eliminating the need for duplicate pieces of armor.

Inclusion of hip armor

There is a pocket in the Armor Shell for hip armor to ensure that the hips are protected and because the placement is better than when hip armor is located in the pants. When I ride around town, the only motorcycle gear I wear is a jacket. Since I’m not wearing riding pants and want my hips protected, I can put my hip armor in my jacket. Hip armor should ideally cover the crest of the pelvis and the top of the femur. Because the waistband of pants often sits just above the pelvis crest, the hip armor cannot cover the crest, thus it only protects the top of the femur.

Women have more curves than men, so their hips protrude further from their body. The parts of the body that stick out (like elbow and knees) need to be protected — for women, this includes hips.