Ride Apart Review

Laura at Ride Apart loves the jackets!

Check out the full article here (2015 Nov 12).

“Ah, women’s motorcycle gear. We can get into a bitch fest for hours about how men have better gear and a better selection. Here’s the thing though—there are more and more women hopping on two-wheels. It’s only a matter of time before there are those out there who will hear our cries, and create something that can suit lady riders who want gear that is both fashionable and functional.

Fortunately, someone did realize the lack of fashion in women’s moto gear. Plutonium Clothing was created by Marilyn Yu, a clothing designer based in San Francisco, CA. Formerly specializing in wedding dresses, she’s now transitioned to creating stylish, high performance motorcycle jackets for women…. a Plutonium jacket looks so impeccable—you can really see the intricate details that went into each jacket. They are so detailed, you would think they are all hand made… and you would be correct! According to Marilyn, all orders submitted are made to order….

If you want to hop on your moto looking like you just came from New York Fashion week, head on over Plutonium Clothing’s website to find out more about Marilyn’s creations.”

Laura – “I felt simply fab in the Victoria. Also worth noting is that I’m wearing the Victoria with armor underneath.”