Behind the scenes at the Plutonium MOTO photo shoot

The ladies that make the magic happen (from left to right):

Debra Chin, Bags by MotoChic
Linda, Model
Kristen Marie, Hair & Make-up
Erin Hunter-Sills, Model
Alexandra, Model
Marilyn Yu, Plutonium MOTO
Trisha Leeper, Photography (not pictured because she’s taking the photos)


We had a lovely summer afternoon by Mission Creek in San Francisco for our shoot. It was a bit windy at times, but Kristen made sure everyone’s hair looked good.


What woman doesn’t love her accessories. Thanks for bringing your fabulous backpack/bags Debra.


The models brought their own vehicles to be featured in the shoot. Here’s what they said about why they ride:

Linda, Lance Havana classic 125

Linda: “Being on 2 wheels in the city is the fastest way to get around and you don’t have to worry about parking! I love the freedom of riding my scooter around. I never have to rely on public transportation or deal with traffic.”


Erin Hunter-Sills, BMW HP2 Sport

Erin: “I got into racing motorcycles because I was born with a need for speed. I just like going places where I can ride fast.”

Elizabeth jacket
Alexandra, Yamaha FZ6R

Alexandra: “My motorcycle has been my lifeline to surviving in San Francisco. I’ve had to hold multiple jobs in the past in addition to school, and its the only way I can get everywhere on time.”